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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Cobra continuation
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Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:14:01 -0700 (PDT)
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In the V6 Alpine world this is over come in a different way than anyone would
ever guess... the V6 is a metric beast and we simply use SAE header bolts that
are as close to the metric bolt as possible ... they almost fit but not quite
and they never back out.. 

 From: Dave
Munroe <dave@munroe.ca>
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2013 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Cobra continuation

Hi Guys:

I'm just
back from a week of realtively spirited "Touring" (about 1200 miles), and the
engine grew progressively more noisy until it was clear the exhaust manifold
bolts were loosening.

Once home in the garage I was able to get the engine
room stripped down to see what was going on. On the drivers side, the
rear-most bolt had left the car (of course, the most difficult to access!) and
the rest were very loose on both sides of the engine.

My car's engine is a
331 stroker making about 320 hp, and is fitted with period headers (identified
by this List as from JC Whitney), and these header to cylinder head bolts have
had to be tightened at least once every driving season.

I know on race cars
this is an ongoing problem and that bolt locks are usually fitted to prevent
this fault. But the headers I have leave little room for these mechanical
locks. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a reasonable solution
that doesn't require engine removal to effect?

Perhaps a new set of headers?
One of the many Loctite formulas that take high heat?



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