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Re: oil filter, TR (fwd)

Subject: Re: oil filter, TR (fwd)
From: (Peter Barrance)
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 14:44:17 -0500 (EDT)
> The easiest way to keep the external filter's gasket in its place is to UPS 
>it back
> to TRF and exchange it for a spin-on filter kit.
> I've seen too many lunched TR motors on account of the stock canister filter.
> Unless you're at 98 points concours and you never drive your TR, what's the 
> of having one of those leaky antiquities?  Unless, of course, in the truest 
> of preservation you're using vintage-1967 non-detergent SB motor oil and other
> authentic chemicals.
> Actually, patience is your best ally with the canister.  Luck is second best.
> Jim
> Standard disclaimers....

I'm with Jim - I put one of those on the first time I changed the oil in my
car. Getting it on is a bit of a game of course... Mine went in from the
bottom after removing the clutch slave cylinder. Also, you'll want to use 
grease to hold the gaskets in the block - I had oil pumping all over the place
from getting the gasket improperly positioned the first couple of times I
turned it over. Messy and a little hard on the motor.


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