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Re: Car Show

Subject: Re: Car Show
From: (Ken Boetzer)
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 08:35:47 -0700
> The closest big city to me (pop. c.4000) had one of its several car shows
> Sunday. They rope off main street and let you park your hotrod there for
> people to gawk at. Surprisingly, cars come from all over N. California and
> Oregon to this show. There were almost 200 cars there by my count. That much
> crome, and that many Holleys just start to give me bad ideas <g>. Can you say
> v8 powered GT6 ? Back when I was into hotrods, you were lucky to have chrome
> acorn nuts on your flathead and little "blue dots" in your tail lights.(If
> you have to ask, you're too young) Things certainly have changed. The amount
> of work, energy and thought that has gone into these cars is certainly to be
> commended. Most of these cars are works of ART. And not a trailer in sight.
> These people actually drive their cars here. Very Impressive.
> Have you ever actually stood between two '60 slammed Caddies ?
> These things are HUGE. I think you could actually put 4 bugeyes in the same
> space that one of these behemoths command.
> Tons of model T, A and B fords, even a beautiful hotrodded Pierce Arrow, and
> just about everything in between. Definetly a good show. Oh yeah, lbc
> content. There was a nice red MGTD and a pristine MGTF that belonged to the
> "Mercedes Club" ? Also an Alpine and a Tiger. This is hot rod country.
> The Car Curmudgeon
>     Nick in Nor Cal
Nick, (and all)

We too have a great event in Scotts Valley, CA the first Thursday of the summer
months. "Nostalga night" is a fund raiser for the local service clubs to support
youth activities. The Boy Scouts work the event, parking, registration, raffle
ticket sales, etc. Lots of cars some Brits there. A great family night, and a
freebie to walk into. All moneys are raised by raffle ticket sales. NO ENTRY 
My 14 year old is going to take his Spitfire-6 chassis/engine next time. Several
other work in progress cars have been displayed. So for those of you in the 
bay area...come on down.  :-)



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