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Re: TR6 hard top info..

To: "Jon Moody (BME)" <>,
Subject: Re: TR6 hard top info..
From: "Doug Mitchell" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 13:20:09 -0400 "TR6 hard top info.." (Jul 17, 11:37am)
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On Jul 17, 11:37am, Jon Moody (BME) wrote:
> Subject: TR6 hard top info..
> Hi all,
> For TR6 w/ hardtop owners:  How hard is it to remove the top?  Also what is a
> good price on a hard top?  I`m curious if its worth having a hardtop on
> one of these beasts.  Thanks--
> Jon Moody '73 TR6
>-- End of excerpt from Jon Moody (BME)


I can't say for the TR6, but I know that it is similar to the Spit.
It is fairly easy to remove the top, but you really need two people.
Or a top hoist (basically a chain fall to lift the top off). You would
also need some place to store it when not in use.

I have a top for the Spit, that I have used only twice in the last 15
years, when I moved from one house to another. I don't drive the car
in the winter any more. If you drive your 6 in the winter a lot, it
is worthwhile as it will keep more of the heat in.

Doug Mitchell

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