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Re: TR6 hard top info..

Subject: Re: TR6 hard top info..
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 02:33:17 -0400
I spent two years looking for a "good" one.  To me a good one has the
headliner in great shape.    everything else can be replaced or painted...
eg new chrome trim, rubber moldings etc.

My research says look to spend $750-850 for a real nice one.  All the rubber
and chrome parts can be obtained.  I ended up getting all my parts for the
hardtop from 
Vic. Brit.  Other guys were out of stock.

Removal time is about 20 mins.  Make sure have good way to store.  To not set
down on rear tips.  Little pins on the chrome piece go into the shell and the
pins can be broken off if stored wrong.  Reprints of the orig. installation
instructions are avail. still from TRF I seem to remember.

Make sure you really are going to use the top.  A fair amount of money for a
good one and lots of them end up hanging up in the garage for years on end is
my theory.

Once you put one on, you will not believe how you have changed the car.
Neat new look and tightens up the body and nice and cozy inside...

They are fun to have on those cold sunny days.

Jerry Lloyd
74 TR6
Seattle (yes, we do have some cold, sunny days!)

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