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Re: Spitfire Hydraulic Clutch rebuild help...

To: (Clark W Nicholls),
Subject: Re: Spitfire Hydraulic Clutch rebuild help...
From: (Don Schaffer)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 17:35:24 -0600
At 04:08 PM 7/28/96 PST, Clark W Nicholls wrote:
>It's payback time for the hydraulic clutch system.  A few years back I
>brought the 74 out of storage and found the clutch master down, so I
>topped it off from the gallon brake fluid can, only to then realize it
>had been filled with hydraulic jack oil (as plainly written on the can)!
> I first paniced, but found everything worked properly, if not a little
>slower in the pedal.  Gee, maybe I'd discovered something!  I bled the
>system to use the jack oil fully.  Now when I take the car out of
>storage, all that's needed is a pump-up of the pedal to get the rubbers
>accustomed to being used!  No more empty master in the Spring!
>Now the problem occurs.  This year the pedal was engaging quite low,
>pumping up was more frequent (the master wasn't 100% pumping).  So I
>decide to bleed new fluid in to replace the black goo I see in the
>bottom of the master.  Pump pump bleed action.  
>Remove the master and find the innards stuck all the way in!  Injecting
>WD40, brake cleaner, etc, I can get the innards within an inch of out
>but no further.  Banging it on the bench gets no results, either (I
>remember years ago this worked).  Next step is to find a rubber stopper
>and pressurize the master and blow out the innards... Does this sound
>right??  I've never gone to this effort before.  
>I removed the Hydraulic line and cleaned it out,  Will rebuild the slave
>and master with Silicone fluid.  
>Agreed the best scenario?

I've found that by injecting compressed air into the outlet (where the
hydraulic line connects to the master cylinder) the inards slide right out


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