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Throw out bearing noise.

Subject: Throw out bearing noise.
From: (Gary Oehrle)
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 96 09:12:40 PDT
to all

  I just had a new clutch and throw-out bearing installed
in my TR6 and the shop told me that they could not make any 
warranty that the bearing would not make some noise and that 
they had problems trying to solve the problems with no
real solution.  Being in a crisis I went ahead.

 Yep, you guessed it, noise.  A slight chirping sound at the 
start and end of the clutch pedal cycle.

 While it is a little to late for me, not that I can't
redo the work (once you start to throw money at it, why
stop) as anyone had this same problem and found a soluiton
to the noise problem?

Gary Oehrle
'74 TR6 (running)
'60 TR3 (in  restoration)

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