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Re: TR-6 rubber seals

To: Steve Sutton <>
Subject: Re: TR-6 rubber seals
From: Ken Streeter <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 17:05:53 -0400
Organization: Lockheed Sanders, Inc.
References: <>
Steve Sutton wrote:
> I am just finishing up installing the last rubber seals on my TR-6 and have 
> into a snag.  I don't how two of the seals are correctly installed. 

OK, I just ran out to the parking lot to take a look at my
TR6 (74 1/2, CF 27535) to see how they are installed on it.
I don't know for certain that the seals are as applied
by the factory, but they sure seem like it!

This may be hard to explain, so let me know if it isn't
100% clear, and I'll draw something up and put it on a
WWW page for the VTR WWW pages, so you can take a look,
and be sure.

> The first
> is the seal that is glued to the each side of the windshield frame and helps
> seal the side windows.  The seal has part # 620913 and looks like this is
> cross-section
> 'O_'   .  Does the 'O' portion align with the outer edge of the windshield
> frame or the other side (the '_' portion)?

The window seal is applied so that the "O" is against the window glass.
The long flat side is attached to the trailing edge of the "L" shape
within the windshield surround.  (This may not be clear, I think I'll
try the drawing on a WWW page, just to be safe...)

> Also, the front hood (bonnet) seal has a slight curve when looking at it's
> cross-section.  Does the curve go up (toward the hood) or down (toward the
> grill)?

This one is a little simpler, the curve goes up towards
the bonnet.  (This seal is mostly horizontal, as the seal
itself is applied to the "bent-over" top lip of the
front valence.)

VTR WWW Maintainer --
'74 TR6 Daily Driver

> Steve Sutton
> 74 1/2 TR-6

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