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Re: Kit Cars

Subject: Re: Kit Cars
From: Jamie Palmer <>
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 09:02:07 -0500
References: <> wrote:
> Fellow Bolt Busters...
> Saw this ad in the SF paper:
> 62 TR3 Kit Car Low miles runs good needs work 415-661-8425.
> Besides the fact that somebody may have an interest in this car,
> does anyone remember what kits cars used a TR3 frame ? The only one I can
> think of is the Aztec. I think you could get it for a TR or healey frame. Any
> others ?
> Keep those engine/head numbers comin
>        Nick in Nor Cal


Also on TR frames at one time or another were the Jamaican, the Ambro
(currently available!), and a really pretty Morgan-ish roadster called
first the Hathaway and then the Hunter.

While I'm on the subject, anyone got or know of a Hathaway/Hunter kit or
car for sale?

Just Curious,

Jamie Palmer

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