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Subject: TW!
From: Mike Mason <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 11:24:05 -0600 (CST)
O.K., so now you guys have me scared.  I find this beautiful example of a 
TR 6, with almost NO rust, everything else checks out, runs well but 
needs a little brake work...

Then I see this thread on how you should always check the Thrust Washer
before purchase.  (The story of my life is that I only learn important 
things after I need them, when the repair costs are highest ;-))

And so you're saying that a two-bit thrust washer falls out and the engine 
is toast!  So, even before I get the brakes re-built, I may have 
purchased a two-thousand pound paper weight?  Therefore, QUESTIONS....

Does the engine somehow sense that the TW is going, so the block 
self-destructs immediately?  Why couldn't you put a thicker TW in, if 
there is just a little wear?

And by the way, I can't find this anywhere, how thick is the original 
TW?  Seems that you would need to know that in order to figure out what 
you have and whether to place an oversize, if they are available.  Seems 
a shame to throw a block away for such a little piece, isn't there 
anything that can be done?

TIA.....still working on my new paperweight

Michael in St. Louis...U.S.A.

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