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Re: Benchgrinders

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Subject: Re: Benchgrinders
From: (Pat Catchpole)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:18:53 +0100
Subject: Benchgrinders
Author: at INTERNET-PO
Date:    23/04/97 20:04

Hey all,
        What all can you do with a benchgrinder? And is the one that Sears
has on sale for $58 worth it? Any ideas? Thanks!
jeff stovall

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As my workbench is not really large enough to have the grinder permanently 
attached I generally don't bother fastening it down for grinding small jobs (eg 
cleaning up bolt ends after they have been length adjusted by hacksaw).  I 
rediscovered gyroscopic motion recently when I picked up the still spinning 
grinder by the motor (a fine and a coarse abrasive wheel were on either ends)  
It's too long ago to remember the equations of motion that govern this strange 
phenomena but if you gently wave the grinder around it seems to develop a mind 
of its own as to where it wants to go.  Try it - but I accept no responsibility 

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