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Re: Floor Pans

To: Kenneth Brown <>
Subject: Re: Floor Pans
From: Glenn Franco <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 22:31:00 +0100
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Kenneth Brown wrote:
> Hi list members,
> A friend of mine who is doing the welding part of my floorboard replacement 
> suggested brazing the floors in. The system he wants to use has the flux flow
> through the gas and he states that it ideal for thin metals such as sheet
> metal. He is a very experienced welder/machinist having worked for several
> factory race teams including Accura and Jag, not to mention that he is a
> perfectionist. Anyone on the list have experience with this type of brazing or
> other recommendations?
> All comments welcomed and appreciated,
> Ken TR250, ex Flintstones mobile
Ken don't let him do it with a torch! I've done panel replacement and
patching in the past with braze and its the least desirable method for

My 71 frame off project  involved floors, rockers and the rocker end
caps. I borrowed a spot welder from work (like the one in Eastwood) and
spot welded all my joints. Looks like factory.

On my 74 I also have floors, inner and outer rockers and some minor
bulkhead repairs and I plan to either borrow the spot welder again or
plug weld with a Mig welder. 

Replaced MGB inner rockers, outers, castle sections and the
reinforements. This is a big job on a "B" I did all the repairs by plug
welding with a mig welder.

In order of preference

1. Spot weld if possible
2. Plug weld with a Mig and continuous weld were necessary.

Glenn Franco

71 & 74 TR6's

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