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RE: 1969 TR-6 Distributors

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: 1969 TR-6 Distributors
From: Tom Tweed <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 12:27:34 -0400
Hello Geoff,

About that little valve, I think it's like a switch in your vacuum
line, and it is what switches the vac. advance / retard distributor
one way or the other.  I had one on the '68 TR-250, by the way, I
suppose they are common to any car with the above distributor.

Good luck finding one, I would guess a salvaged piece is probably
all you'll find.

Sorry I missed you at Columbus BCD a couple weeks ago, I heard
you stopped by Doug Braden's booth !  I had a spare wheel for
you, in case I saw you, but sorry for not contacting you ahead
of time, I didn't know 'til the last minute if I'd be there.
(This is the wheel with the big studs on it, for the ROstyle
fake mag hubcap; it has a brand new Firestone blackwall tire
mounted, size 195/75 if I recall.)

Best regards,
Tom Tweed
SW Ohio

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