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More about poorly running TR6

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: More about poorly running TR6
From: (Pete & Aprille Chadwell)
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:02:25 -0700
Hi again...

Wanted to submit more evidence on this problem that cropped up...  I had a
similar thing happen several months ago, although it was much more severe.
Turned out that the screw that secures the ignition pick-up was loose and
the pick-up was moving all over the place... sometimes it would run,
sometimes it would not.  An incredibly easy fix!  Naturally, I checked that
screw again, but it is tight.  I'll play around with the positioning of the
pick-up a little... maybe it's moving by microscopic increments.  I no
longer have the instructions for this ignition (Allison)... anybody have
the correct procedure for setting the position of the pick-up?  Last time I
just moved it around 'til it ran!  Just this morning I made a quick visual
check for sources of a possible vaccuum leak, but found nothing that would
indicate a problem.

When it first started doing this, I had just pulled onto a road behind...
get this...a 1961 Elva Courier MKII!!!  Wow, what a sight.  Having never
seen one of these in real life, I had to catch up.  In a couple minutes I
was right on his tail, then we turned a sharp corner (down into 2nd) and I
nailed the throttle to keep up (He was really movin'!) When I shifted to
4th, I noticed the motor "spitting" and realized that I no longer had any
power to accelerate.  I ended up catching the Elva and had a nice chat with
the owner... neat car!  Then I went back home and along the way the problem
came and went a couple times.  Several days later (hadn't driven it since)
I made a short errand (5 miles round trip) and the problem didn't show up
until I was almost home, when I decided to see what happened if I "rodded"
it a little.  Sure enough, it started in again immediately.

So there's a little history, if it helps.  I would like to get that
mechanical advance outta the distributor, though.  Not that I think it's
responsible, but recently I've been wondering if maybe the mechanical
advance isn't up to snuff. (maybe needs cleaning and lube, etc...)  Since
rebuilding the motor, (.040 over pistons, balanced, uprated cam, 9.5:1 comp
ratio, etc.) I've always been a little disappointed in the power output.
How does one remove the distributor shaft along with the advance mechanism?
I tried driving out what I think is the coupling pin, but it will not
budge!!!  Anybody have any experience with fiddling with different springs
in the mechancial advance?  Which ones should I try?

Thanks, guys!

Pete Chadwell
1973 TR6

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