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Subject: Re: Re[2]: route 66 trip
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I always thought it ran from Chicago to LA.  The "original" is long gone, in
the sense that it has been "unmarked", but the overwhelming majority or the
original concrete is still there and (at least through Illinois) and can be
followed.  There is a Route 66 Organization which can provide maps to the
whole thing.

Does anyone else remember the 60's TV show by the same name?
Two guys coming of age in a Corvette (new each year) traveling "along" Route
66.  I remember an old ad for the show which was to the effect that a
particular episode was "with 1,000 miles."  Hell, almost the whole country
is within 1,000 miles!

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Date: Monday, November 03, 1997 10:47 PM
Subject: Re[2]: route 66 trip

>     Count me and others from this area in for planning/organizing and
>     participating in a Route 66 event...perhaps we could arrange it so
>     that various cars can join for segments of the trek as well as running
>     the entire length...
>     One question...where the heck is Route 66?   I can only find our end
>     of it...from Wash DC to Winchester in the Blue Ridge... what ever
>     happened to the rest...
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>Subject: Re: route 66 trip
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>Date:    11/2/97 2:59 AM
>I'm about 75 miles from the oiginal route.  (which is a lot closer than the
>shopw was ever filmed!).  I'd be happy to set something up on the first day
>(Chicago to St. Louis)
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>From: Phil Smith <>
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>Date: Thursday, October 30, 1997 5:43 PM
>Subject: Re: route 66 trip
>>>Anyone interested in setting up a route 66 trip/caravan?  We could get a
>>>committee together and start planning!  There might be towns along the
>>>that would help plan/sponser the event.
>>> Gary, Frances Nafziger
>>> Wellman, Iowa
>>I've got my road atlas out now, to see where I hook up from Florida, then
>>I'm going to see if aI can find a Nelson Riddle CD. What's the date?
>>Phil Smith
>>Tampa, FL.
>>69 TR6

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