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Re: Headlights

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Subject: Re: Headlights
From: "Douglas Mitchell" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 07:06:38 -0500 "Headlights" (Nov 3, 8:16pm)
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On Nov 3,  8:16pm, HMENTZEN wrote:
> Subject: Headlights
> Can anyone suggest specifics on halogen headlight replacement for a 79
> Spitfire.
> What type of headlights came with the car originally? Can I even use the
> halogens? Thanks for shedding light on my questions.
> Hans Mentzen
> 79 Spitfire FM92061
>-- End of excerpt from HMENTZEN


The Spitfire originally came with tungsten filement type headlights.
I have had a pair of Lucas H-4 halogen in my car for 20 years, and
enjoy night driving. Most any brand of 7 inch round halogen headlamps
will fit and work.


Doug Mitchell
'73 Spitfire 1500 - owned since '75

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