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repairing brake fluid rot to paintwork

To: "''" <>
Subject: repairing brake fluid rot to paintwork
From: Andrew Miller <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 06:14:57 -0500
My Spitfire is now up on stands for its' long winter nap, seatless for
recovering, doorless (Hi, Joe!) for re-skinning and new hardware and
half-carpetless for a new set (The PO used some very strong glue!). I
have a 78/79 Spitfire (Car says 78, Government says 79 - found out the
hard way not to contradict the lady at the motor vehicle bureau) with
the trademark, spilled-some-brakefluid-lost-some-paint on the "shelf"

I had planned to fix the master/clutch cylinder shelf. I have removed
most of the flaking paint and rust (surface only -phew!).  What's the
best way to proceed ? gently reposition the cylinders (I don't really
want to disconnect and bleed but I will bite the bullet if recommended)
and sandblast ? or wire brush ? how should I protect for the future ?

The car is a daily driver (weather permitting) and I am more interested
in longevity and smiles-per-mile rather than concours.

Tips ? Advice ?


Andrew Miller
79 Spitfire

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