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Fwd: TR4 - a) camber adjustment and b) Xmissions

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Fwd: TR4 - a) camber adjustment and b) Xmissions
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 09:48:02 -0500 (EST)
Sorry to repost this but I was knocked off the list and so never saw any
answers.  Please bear with me - if you did answer to the list send me a copy.
Art Kelly
Forwarded message:
Subj:    TR4 - a) camber adjustment and b) Xmissions
Date:    97-11-04 14:58:22 EST
From:    ArthurK101

Two questions for the collective wisdom of the list. Can anyone help me out
on these?  
Below are excerpts from two questions which were sent directly to me.   I
have been doing some research but have not been able to come up with proper

1.  First question concerns TR4 (not 4A) camber.  If I remember correctly
someone once told me that TR4 camber cannot be adjusted without replacing the
suspension parts which result in camber.  (Spec calls for +2deg.camber on a
TR4).  But I can't find out how to adjust it if it is out of spec.

Here is an excerpt from that question:

> I have a friend who needs to know if and how to adjust camber on TR4 (not
4a). He >is doing the work for an older gent who hasn't a manual. From the
Vicky Brit >catalog he figured out how to do a 4a, but is mystified by the 4.
 Any help would be >appreciated.  <<

2.  The second question concerns fitting a TR4 transmission to a TR3A.  My
research shows me it can be done but I'm sure that someone on the list has
done it and has more details that I have been able to dig up.

Here is an excerpt from that 2nd question. 

>I have an overdrive transmission from a TR4 that I would like to use in
>my '58 TR3A (The original transmission is making expensive noises from
>the first/reverse cluster).

>What I've been told: That early TR4 transmissions will bolt right in.
>Later TR4 and 4A transmissions will fit but I would have to change the
>flywheel, clutch, TO bearing, and starter. I have no problem with all of
>this other than I would like to have all the requisite pieces on hand
>before starting the job.

>My problem: a)I don't know for sure that what I've been told is correct,
>and b) I'm not sure what year the transmission is and therefore what I
>will need to buy to get the thing installed.

>The car is Commission # TS 30600 L, build date is June 1958 (I think).
>The O/D transmission # is CT14161 and has the deep bulge for the longer
>starter drive (some of the transmissions I've seen have almost no
>bulge for the starter drive. This one extends back to the boss where
>the t/o bearing shaft goes through.) <<

NOW - what I have been able to find is that the transmission is probably '63
TR4 vintage - but the question remains as to what will need to be done to
make the swap.

Thanks to all who can help on this.

Art Kelly '64TR4 CT33118L (original owner and always learning something new)

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