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Subject: Re: hello
From: "p.bird" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 23:08:11 +0000
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Justin Wagner wrote:
> p.bird wrote:
> >
> > Hello.
> >
> > Just joined the list yesterday and thought it a good idea to introduce
> > myself and say hello. Recently gained possesion of the family TR6 (snap
> > dragon yellow 1973 with steel wheels) which we have had for the last
> > eighteen years but has spent the last ten doing zip. As usual the wings
> > are shot and there is rust begginging to appear on every surface that's
> > anywhere near a wheel arch. Last time we checked the engine ran fine
> > although took about three weeks to start. Planning on going out into the
> > garage in the next couple of weeks to fire the old girl up and see
> > what's wrong with her. I'd be grateful if someone would be kind enough
> > to tell me if there are any particular problems i should look out for in
> > the TR6. The last time it was driven for any length of time was when i
> > was 15 so i am hopelesley out of touch with the tr scene.
> > Looks like a good list, glad i joined
> >
> > birdy
> >
> > hertfordshire UK
> >
> > Come and visit me
> >
> >
> Welcome to the group and congrats on the car...
> Others will have their comments... but I'll quickly throw in a couple
> words...
> If your car has sat that long...
> A. don't TRUST the brakes, just because you add some fluid and they
> "appear" to work.  You need to take off each wheel... and personally
> inspect the brakes... make sure each is operating correctly.. that fluid
> is not leaking... that hoses are not cracked...
> B.  I believe the steering has one universal joint and one rubber
> joint... inspect the rubber joint while someone, inside the cockpit, is
> applying turning pressure on the steering wheel... to the right... to
> the left... they are notorius for cracking... and if they go... you
> go... right into a wall.
> That's my 2 cents... having brought back a TR 4A from the brink of
> death... it sat for 20 years.
> --Justin
> Los Angeles

Thanks for the info, i will make sure that i check the steering joints,
is the rubber joint a rubber disc with four holes in it? if so why do
they bother putting it in?. I am planning to replace all the brake lines
with goodgridge braided hose, i used to make brake lines up for
motorbikes and i can still get the parts fairly cheap. Should improve
the feel somewhat and of course it will look fab.



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