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She won't blow (my compressor)

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Subject: She won't blow (my compressor)
From: Chris Prugh <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 10:53:58 -0800
Okay kids.....

        Today's quiz question for all you EE's, real shop owners, 
or anyone with the knowledge to answer is:

What about this setup is not allowing my compressor to run ?

If you remember a week or two ago, I asked about converting 
my 3 phase motored compressor into something I could use in 
my home garage.  I have since acquired the proper motor, 
a single phase 1 hp, wired it correctly, got the right pulley, and 
mounted it to the compressor frame.  

I just plugged it in, turned it on, and there is something in the circuitry
causing the motor to "cycle" on and off.

Now, let me fill you in on a few things at this point (details seem to help)

The compressor has what looks to be a pressure switch built in to the circuit.
The cap over this switch reads:

        Pressure Switch  AC 250 V       15 A
        On 7.5 kg/cm2                   Off 9.5 kg/cm2
Power comes from the 220 outlet, into the existing switch on the compressor.
This switch might be part of the problem, as it is stamped on the case as being:

        Rating - 200/220 V      .75 kW
        Overcurrent Relay       3.6A
        3 Phase         40 degrees C

Should I get another switch, NOT a 3 phase one ?  Seems to the great 
un-educated that would be the likely problem....Or is it something about the 
pressure switch?  Doubtful as the motor begins "cycling" on and off from the 
very start, with negligible pressure built up in the tank.  Sounds like the 
on the pressure switch might be kinda short, only 2 kg per square cm, so I may 
for another, wider range.

Mostly I just want the puppy to run to the point where I can get a good  feel 
for what
9.5 kg/square cm is, not being all that "metrically inclined" either.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

Chris Prugh
72 Spitfar
Morgan Hill, CA

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