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Re: Fw: TR3A Numbers Questions

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Subject: Re: Fw: TR3A Numbers Questions
From: (Bruce T. Clough)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 07:40:54 -0500
Mark Grafstrom wrote: 
I was wondering if anybody out there in Triumph Land knows anything about
the engine block numbers and how (or if) they correspond to the TS number
of the car. I'm in the prosess of my first ground up restoration on a
1959 TR3A. My TS number is TS41861L and the "original block" that came with
the car is TS55086E. Is there any way to tell if this is the original block?
I also have a TR4 engine CT52591E, which is complete. I was planning on
using some of the parts from the TR4 motor on the TR3A motor. One on the
pieces missing on the TR3A motor is the Block Plate. The moss catalog
states that the plates are different widths, the TR3A being narrower
between engine mounting points by 1 inch.
Is it possible to use this TR4 block plate or do I have to go "in search
of". My guess....
"Anybody body know where a guy could buy a TR3A block plate?"

Any answers would greatly ease my mind....if it's good news, if I'm *%^$#@
I can handle that also. Thanks.
Your engine block number seems a bit high, however, we have recorded cases 
where the block number is significantly (greater that 600 numbers) above the 
commission number.  Sometimes a car had problems on the line, was put off to 
the side, and was fixed later with a new engine.  Yours would not be the 
first with a large gap between the numbers!  Your best bet would be to write 
British Motor Heritage Industry Trust (did I get that right?) for the car's 
build record which would list the engine it left Coventry with.  This will 
set you back $40 (I think), but you'll know.  As to contating these folks, 
they have a web site (which I don't remember off hand but other listers know 
by heart by now) and take VISA.

As to that TR4 engine, you can't use the TR4 front plate (block plate) with 
a TR3 frame.  You're right, it won't fit.  Post a request for the plate and 
I'm sure more than a few folks on this list will reply.

Good luck,

Bruce Clough

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