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vin numbers

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: vin numbers
From: Junboot <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 21:39:56 EST
Organization: AOL (
Would like to post a question to the list and would welcome any informed
opinion, especially from those in the business. I am "renovating" (I don't
want to say restoring because in my mind this is far more extensive) a 65
TR4A. In previous postings I reffered to the car as being bastardized by the
previous owner. The real problem is this. The car is titled as a 65 Ma.
The registry of motor vehicles has the title clean for as long as the car has
been in this state.(15 years) with no previous history. The VIN is CT37301.
The title an ID plate match that #. Problem is the # is for a 64 TR4. The
frame is an IRS. Body is a 4A. Trunk and hood is a 4. WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE
HERE? I think someone built a car from parts but it IS a Legally titled
vehicle. The big question is should I bother putting any real money into  this
car and whats the most this car (renovated,repainted,running very well) could
be worth. How bad has this number thing hurt me. I paid $1000 for the car and
have another $2000 into it. I do all my own labor. Dave M

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