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Re: Bad Coil?

To: Bob Danielson <>
Subject: Re: Bad Coil?
From: "Thomas A. Strange" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 01:30:05 -0800
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Organization: Classic Autosports Ltd.
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Bob Danielson wrote:
> Just had the alternator on my 75 TR6 rebuilt and, it may be coincidence, but
> the car has started to miss. It did it a little before but rather
> infrequently. The problem appears to be much worse when the lights and
> heater fan are on. I've tried the plugs gapped at both .025 and .035 with no
> improvement. It has a Lucas Sport coil and I'm wondering if it's the
> culprit. Is there anyway to test it and if it is bad what's the best unit to
> replace it with?
> Bob Danielson
> 75 TR6
Bob, about the only easy test I know of for a coil is to connect an ohm
meter across the primary terminals & read the resistance.  Coils with an
external ballast resistor typically show about 1 ohm resistance; coils
with and enternal ballast resistor usually read about 4 ohms
resistance.  Any thing radically different probably means a bad coil.
  If you have a friend with a scope, they can check the coil for you.  I
wouldn't necessarily trust a new scope that doesnt show wave patterns
but an older one that lets you read the actual wave patterns will show a
good opperator a lot of things the new ones won't.   Good luck.
Tom Strange, Classic Autosports Ltd., Appleton, Wi.  920-733-5013

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