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RE: Stripping original varnish on the dash

To:, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: Stripping original varnish on the dash
From: JDCampa <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 20:51:52 EDT
Dear Carl:
I've refinished both a TR6 dash and a Jaguar XJ6 dash.  I also had no luck
with chemical strippers.  Frustrated, I went to a shop in Los Angeles that
specializes in redoing wood dashes and I noticed they used a heat gun to
remove old finish.  They wanted $300 for the refinishing, I bought a heat gun
for $50.00 instead and working carefully so as to not burn the underlying
wood, "lifted" the old varnish from the wood veneer.  Even being extra
careful, it actually took very little time.  Again start slowly until you get
the hang of the right amount of heat at the right distance, etc.

Regarding rheostat, mine was burned out so I went to radio shack and found a
variable resistor, installed it behind the dash and left the original on
unplugged for looks.
< wrote...the original varnish on the dash is tough stuff!!
Doesn't seem to give way to methylene chloride-based strippers.  Is there
another paint/varnish stripper that will work??>

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