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Re: Why I drive classic cars

To: Ken Bertschy <>
Subject: Re: Why I drive classic cars
From: "Byron N. Brashears" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 19:33:50 -0700
Cc: Triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Here here. My question is how come anyone would drive anything else?

Ken Bertschy wrote:

> All of the above (previous posts) , with that extra masochistic thrill you
> get when tracing lucas electrics shorts, identifying different puddles of
> liquid under the car, popping the hood and finding little surprises that
> need your attention, pulling the front wheels and adjusting the castle nuts
> on the axles because YOU HAVE TO, breaking down on the side of the road and
> getting it going again using only the stuff in your trunk, and finally,
> putting off all other chores on the honey-do list because you have to take
> care of a problem on your "classic".
> My Triumph is not my hobby, it's my passion.

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