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shop ideas

Subject: shop ideas
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:55:27 -0800
Listers, I was helping a neighbor this week-end ih his garage, along with 
two other people. One fella cleaning-up his car reached onto a shelf and 
pulled down what he thought was "windex" (container unmarked), it was a 
very toxic metal cleaner that does not get along with glass at all, the 
shop owner asked him what he was about to do and you guessed it, clean 
his w/s. No harm was done as he was stopped in time, two thoughts come to 
# 1 = label everything on your shelves with a good marking pen and on 
toxic or dangerous containers always put several big X'S to show its a 
dangerous container (poison is labeled this way)

# 2 = don't ever pick-up anything in some else's garage unless you ask or 
know for sure what you are doing, ask I'm sure he will say yes.  "FT"

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