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Re: TR3A owners Research question revised.

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Subject: Re: TR3A owners Research question revised.
From: "T. R. Householder" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:00:28 -0500
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The information for the side curtain bracket question. I recieved some
excelent responses. Thanks to you all. Still need a little more data
aroun the 56000 to 65000 commision # range to continue. Let's look at
the parts car doors that you've got setting around and know where they
came from.

Thanks T.R. 

T. R. Householder wrote:
> The stamped side curtain mounting brackets come in two different types.
> The brackets mount to the doors with screws.
> The two variations here are brackets. Ones with 4 elongated holes for
> the adjustment. and the brackets with two elngated holes and two
> clearance holes.
> I'm looking for a place in history when these were applicable.
> You folks with/ or know original cars I'd like some input here....
> send comm #s and what you know.
> Thanks T.R.
> My bet would be a change around TS 60000 But don't know.

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