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Tr-6 rear wing replacement. boundary="------------D09D4C2D1F2802BE37556F

To: Bob Greene <>
Subject: Tr-6 rear wing replacement. boundary="------------D09D4C2D1F2802BE37556FB3"
From: David Massey <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 13:02:41 -0500
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Message text written by Bob Greene
>Hi LisTeRs:
        I just wanted to get some advise. I am close to installing my
rear wings from my 76 TR-6. Does any one have any advise about what type
of "seam sealer" to use? Also how is it done? Do I simply apply a bead
of it and then wipe away what ever oozes out?
        And Oh Boy am I sick of stripping paint. I now know why every one
the PO a Dreaded PO! I have never seen so much paint!
        Bob Greene


Be sure to paint the mating surfaces thuroughly as these joints collect
water and primer isn't necessarily hygroscopic (or is it non-hygroscopic? 
water tight!)  This way the water that will eventually get through won't
cause rust.  (At least as quickly)

I will probably get slapped hard for this but I just used siliconized
acrylic caulk and wiped away the excess.  Then I caulked the seam inside
the wheel well.  Then I undercoated the whole mess.  That was three years
ago so time will tell.

Dave Massey
57 TR3
71 TR6
80 TR8

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