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Re: some more about the Rover Company

Subject: Re: some more about the Rover Company
From: Terrence Begley <>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 07:42:28 -0500
Organization: Lucent Technologies
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Hi all

Just heard this morning on NPR that Ford will pick up Land Rover. Guess
that leaves the Mini with BMW. wrote:
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>  Léon,
>  Please, by all means continue!  This hasn't once made the news (to my
>  knowledge), and I am getting all of my updates via the list.  This goes
>  to everyone else who is keeping those of us in the LBC community abreast
>  of industry developments.  I'd like to know what is going to become of
>  BMIHT.  And how about MG?  I know it's the "other" marque, but it is
>  currently the only mass-produced British Sportscar, and I'd be very
>  saddened to see MG go the way of the dodo (again).
>  The problems that BMW are experiencing are reminiscent of the problems
>  faced by British Leyland management in the late '70's and early
>  pre-Metro '80's.  If any of you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend
>  reading "Back from the Brink" by Michael Edwardes (president of BL
>  during those tumultuous restructurings that killed off Mg and Triumph).
>  It really gives some insight into the difficulties they had.  One thing
>  I must add here, in defense of the TR7 (my TR), is that it was
>  definitely not the cause for Triumph's demise.  It was either scrap the
>  sportscars or face losing government funding and going bankrupt.
>  Fascinating reading!
>  (ISBN 0-00-217074-4)
>  Later,
> Brian
> Thank you Brian, yes, I have read back from the brink, and enjoyed it.
> I will keep the list up to date with these exciting developments.
> Léon
> Triumph Sports Six Club
> International Liaison Secretary
> 1963 Triumph Vitesse 2-Litre Convertible
> Wimbledon, London, England.

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