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TR3 - Cracked Head

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Subject: TR3 - Cracked Head
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:32:48 -0500
Yes Folks,
Sadness reigns in the Jones household.

Just got the head back from the machine shop and he had found a crack (in #
4 chamber) between the intake and exhaust.  It's a crack that extends into
the bevel (for want of a better word) of both valve seats. He is not sure
if this had anything to do with the original problem of water in the
cylinders, as the water deposits were in #3, but in any case he said it is
bad news.

What's the deal?  Look for another head?  Is a TR4 head the same, BTW?
Anyone have one for sale?

Regards,  Adrian 

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