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Subject: Re: Rover today - TODAY
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 23:21:16 +0100charset="Windows-1252"
>Would the demise of Rover be the end of BMIHT Jonmac?
>Mark Ascherl

I sincerely hope not. While BMIHT is a Rover subsidiary, no-one could claim it 
is a
fundamental part of the Group's current manufacturing and trading process. In 
respect, one might almost regard it as one very little sausage in the middle of 
a herd of
prime beef. As a museum entity and with an archive that probably doesn't come 
near anything else in the world in terms of what it contains, I would be 
staggered to see
it closed down and broken up. Moreover, the car collection and archive is part 
of a Trust
and a registered charity, so this brings in interesting and possibly very 
different legal
situations. TTHBOMK, BMW itself is very unwilling to see the collection 
disbanded. From an
operating cost angle, the museum overhead and all within it is peanuts in 
comparison to
the costs presently being faced by the parent group. For all of us at BMIHT, 
"business as usual" and I suspect our possible removal from the premises (if it 
ever came
to that) would be at gunpoint. I'm actively considering welding myself to the 
main gate to
ensure no-one runs off with the family silver :)


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