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Re: Rover today - TODAY

To: John Macartney <>
Subject: Re: Rover today - TODAY
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 13:31:52 -0700
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You could always go on the "Worldwide Triumph Club Events Tour".  I think there 
is still vacancy at the VTR convention in Portland this
summer!  :)


John Macartney wrote:
> Friends
> No doubt Leon will post an update on the latest news to break today in 
>Europe. Seems
> Alchemy Partners bid for Rover has crashed in flames. BMW seem to have made 
>it clear that
> there is one month left for other bidders to come up with a purchase offer 
>for Rover, and
> presumably the money as well - otherwise the plan is that Rover goes 
>'historical' - and
> for good. Quite how this will affect us at Gaydon or the Ford offer for Land 
>Rover is not
> clear.
> I suspect the unions will fall heavily behind the Phoenix bid from ex MD John 
>Towers and
> his cohorts and no doubt there will be some genteel horse-trading to save 
>what they can.
> The threat by BMW to shut down the lot within the month, must presently be 
>sending some
> icy shivers around the Blair administration because closure would suggest a 
>swing of
> public focus towards "what's the government going to do about it?"
> Personally, I don't see any reason at all for the British taxpayer to bale 
>out Rover (it
> won't be the first time) except last time around it was called British 
>Leyland and the
> volume division was the loss leader then, as now.  But will government just 
>let it wither
> on the vine? To do so would be the shot in the arm that Tony Blair's 
>socialist vote in the
> key constituencies just doesn't need. So what will we see now? Bye bye Rover 
>or the
> pledging of public money at zero interest to underwrite the Phoenix bid - or 
> We shall see what we shall see - and en passant, would anyone like to receive 
>my Resume
> :)?
> Jonmac

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