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RE: Door Rattles

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Subject: RE: Door Rattles
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Finished that job a month so ago... same symptoms... New tracks
and inner seals will do it. Make sure the top of the glass
touches the inner seal to keep it from moving when the window is

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Subject: Door Rattles

A couple of questions concerning door rattles.
I have a window actually two that rattle going over bumps, if I
the fuzzy and rubber strip where the window meets the top of the
what else needs to be done? the window moves around when the
is below those seals. It would seem to me there are other
adjustments to
be made. The doors also rattle a bit, I noticed that my door
latch plates
(on the post) have bullets that lock into the door plates. Mine
are kind of
loose, are the supposed to be? if not is it worth trying to
repair them or
just buy new plates.
73 TR6

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