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Re: License plate restoration

Subject: Re: License plate restoration
From: Dennis & Bridget Lambert <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 23:01:39 -0700
Cc: TR List <>
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Since my car is already registered, I don't have to physically present the plate
when I get tags, stickers, etc., so I don't think I will have a problem with 
the DMV
when the plate comes back from the restorers.  As far as having an "altered" 
on my's like we always said when I was a lineman on the construction 
"a man riding by on a fast horse will never notice it".


Randall Young wrote:

> FWIW, California has similar restrictions.  It boils down to whether
> "restoration to original" is an "alteration", and the real answer is "if
> no one can tell the difference, you can't get in trouble".  Don't know
> about NYS 'tags', but CA will give you a replacement month sticker for a
> very nominal fee (they used to be free).
> Either Kit Car or Hot Rod ran an article a few years ago about how to
> 'restore' your license plate, with similar commments.
> Randall
> J&E wrote:
> >
> >         As I have looked into "vintage lic. plates" in NY, I was informed 
> > you can not do ANY alterations to the plate inorder to ues them on That
> > year of car. Also, you must have the "Official" NYS Lic. "tag" in the
> > correct upper courner. Got on this info. from Albany, NY (State cap.), I
> > do Not understand how this company can legaly (sp) "restore" any NYS
> > Lic. becausr of the "tag" issue. Therefore I would be leary of doing
> > something without checking it out First with you states Capitial DMV.
> > -Cosmo Kramer

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