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Re: Golf... now "hood-putting-up contest"

Subject: Re: Golf... now "hood-putting-up contest"
From: "Keith A. Edwards" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 08:13:11 -0400
Cc: Steven Newell <>, Randall Young <>
References: <> <>
The last time I participated in a "Top Erection" Contest, it was a TR3
that was provided for all competitors, and the only interior was the
seats, I believe.

Of course, simulated rain started falling.  Sometimes it even started to
"hail".  Started looking like a wet T-shirt contest, if you participated
a few times.

Keith Edwards
Suffolk, VA
4.5 TRs

Steven Newell wrote:
> Randall Young replied to Eric in re VTR 2001 golf potential:
> > I'm not a member (although I do plan to attend), but I have to say : 
> > you find an event that has at least a little more to do with our cars ?  You
> > could supply pies and then host an open debate on whether DOT 5 fluif or 
> > is more appropriate for dashpots ...
> Speaking of more topical convention events, I recall that some shows may have
> included hood-putting-up contests for models like my TR4 -- where putting up 
> top is not exactly an "at a stoplight" kind of thing. I was recounting this
> yesterday as a friend helped me erect the top under some duress on a rare 
>rainy day
> in Colorado.
> Anyway, Is this true? I've never been, and while yesterday I might have lost 
> for failing to button every button, should I keep practicing for VTR 2001? 
><g> Is
> it a team event, so that I should start training my wife too? What's the time 
> beat? Like the U.S. Olympic cycling team, I've been training at altitude -- 
>so I
> figure to have an edge over you sea-level TR owners. <g> Granted, I'm sure a 
> owner from Seattle will beat us all....
> --
> Steven Newell
> Denver, CO
> '62 TR4

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