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re:TR4 Dieseling

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Subject: re:TR4 Dieseling
From: Tony Rhodes <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 22:40:13 -0400
Well, dieseling may be a problem no matter what.  I have it on a 4A with stock 
It did it from new.

To improve things, you may be running too lean and getting hotter hot spots.
You may be too retarded/advanced (I can't remember which does it).
You may have a sharp edge on the head causing ignition even under the best 
You may need to get to know the local airport owner to get some 100 octane low 
lead av gas. (works for me!)


>But, I didn't expect the run-on after shutting off the inition. I can
only shut it off by choking the carbs hard.  Some may remember that I
shaved the head, installed a "D" cam, and the larger pistons, plus
uprated valves and springs. I gather I need to burn hi-test, so added a
few gallons to the regular that was in the tank. That did no good. So
will I have to add the octane additive recently referred to on the List,
buy jet fuel, or what? Anything else I might be doing? 

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