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Re: "BOUNCE" long non lbc

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Subject: Re: "BOUNCE" long non lbc
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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 19:28:58 -0600
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You will probably pick up some ignition (flame) from the group, but I really
appreciate the advice - especially regarding mosquitoes
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Subject: "BOUNCE" long non lbc

> This may be of interest to some, quite interesting, I have used it for
> in cars "FT"
> BOUNCE...the stuff you use in your dryer:
>   *Repels mosquitoes.  Tie a sheet of Bounce through a belt loop when
>   outdoors during mosquito season*Eliminates static electricity from your
> television screen.  Since
>   Bounce is designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe your television
>   screen with a used sheet of Bounce to keep dust from resettling.
>   *Dissolves soap scum from shower doors.  Clean with a used sheet of
>   Bounce.
>   *Freshens the air in your home.  Place an individual sheet of Bounce
>   in a drawer or hang one in the closet.
>   *Prevents thread from tangling.  Run a threaded needle through a
>   sheet of Bounce to eliminate the static cling on the  thread before
>   sewing.
>   *Eliminates static cling from pantyhose.  Rub a damp, used sheet of
>   Bounce over the hose.
>   *Prevents musty suitcases.  Place an individual sheet of Bounce
>   inside empty luggage before storing.
>   *Freshens the air in your car.  Place a sheet of Bounce under the
>   front seat.
>   *Cleans baked-on food from a cooking pan.  Put a sheet in the pan,
>   fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean.  The anti-static
>   agents apparently weaken the bond between  the food and the pan while
>   the fabric softening agents soften the baked-on food.
>  *Eliminates odors in wastebaskets.  Place a sheet of Bounce at the
>   bottom of the wastebasket.
>  *Collects cat hair.  Rubbing the area with a sheet of Bounce will
>   magnetically attract all the loose hairs.
>  *Eliminates static electricity from venetian blinds.  Wipe the blinds
>   with a sheet of Bounce to prevent dust from resetting.
>  *Deodorizes shoes or sneakers.  Place a sheet of Bounce in  your
>   shoes or sneakers overnight so they'll smell great in the morning.

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