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Navidad virus

Subject: Navidad virus
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:34:47 EST
No, folks, this one isn't a hoax. It ate my Windows. So watch out for a file 
named "Navidad.exe". I know better (well usually) than to download an .exe 
file but I got careless because it seemed to be pictures from my nephew. And 
let me tell you, the message was not generic like the Melissa virus. It even 
used the names of his kids in it. Worrisome. 
Anyway, I thought I was fairly compuiter literate but I can't get the 
Symantec fix to work. I get "File not found REGEDIT"  when I enter the stated 
text at the MS DOS prompt. 
In the alternative, they tell me to download the fix do I do that 
when I can' t get on line. (I'm on my laptop to to this.) I can dowloand the 
fix on this computer to a disk but can I open it from the A prompt in the MS 
DOS file? 
I'm so sorry to do the non-lbc thing like this but I'm stuck. Can someone 
contact me off the list and give me a hint?
Sorry again. 

65 4A

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