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Re: new clutch - assembly questions

Subject: Re: new clutch - assembly questions
From: Douglas Frank <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 13:16:43 -0400
Organization: Center for Post-Apocalyptic Computing
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Rob Blubaugh wrote:
> Hi listers!

Hi Rob  (speaking for all of us :-)

> The assembly of my TR2 engine is complete (finally) and I have installed
> the flywheel, clutch and the transmission.  Clutch parts are all new and
> transmission was professionally rebuilt in Connecticut.

That must be Quantum Mechanics.  He has a good rep.

> Although I aligned the clutch plate with the alignment tool, it was a
> very difficult job to fit the transmission to the engine.  I work with
> no assistance, so eventually I had to tilt the engine on end (vertical -
> supported on wood blocks at the engine mounts) and then bring the
> transmission down into place.  With help from gravity eventually
> everything slipped into place and aligned properly.

I don't think that means anything, except that the fit is precise.  If all the
nuts tightened down the same, and the engine-to-bell housing fit looks even
all around, then it's right and you can find something else to worry about

> Here is my question:  How tight should the new clutch assembly be?  I
> tried to move the clutch linkage and it moved easily until the throw-out
> bearing engaged the paddles that release spring tension holding the
> clutch the flywheel.  With my hands, I could not get any further
> movement through the linkage.

It oughta bee d*mn tight.  Think about it-- that force you were trying to
overcome with your puny biceps is the same force that keeps the friction plate
clamped to the flywheel for your tire-smokin' stoplight drags.

(Oh, yeah, you DID say "TR2."  Never mind.)

> On another matter that may be related, I had one devil of a time trying
> to fit the new brass bushing into the end of the crankshaft.

Can't help ya there.  Go bother Joe Curry.  He talks a lot and can't run fast.

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