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Re: <long> Update: TR4 dwell setting and timing question

Subject: Re: <long> Update: TR4 dwell setting and timing question
From: Randall <>
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 23:35:42 -0700
References: <000501c14d5e$521113c0$f2f6e33f@dylan>
Dylan :

That's not inside the engine.  Either the crank key for the hub is
missing or (more likely) the fan pulley is assembled to the hub wrong. 
Should be easy to fix, with no more than R&R the fan and hub (unless of
course the key is missing because the keyway in the crank is ruined).

BTW, congratulations on being self-taught.  That's the way I learned. 
Started my first engine rebuild before I even had my license!


Dylan Pedersen wrote:
> Turns out someone has been inside the engine and re-set the
> timing mark the timing mark (hole in crank) is perfectly lined up, when # 3
> is supposed to fire.

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