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argh - TR3 rear axle oild seals

Subject: argh - TR3 rear axle oild seals
From: Dan Buettner <>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 22:09:36 -0500
I'm progressing (slowly) with my TR3 rear axle reassembly, and hit a 
stumbling block this evening - I cannot get my rear axle seals to go 
in.  These are the ones that go in the axle tube, not the hub bearing 

I have a tool like the one shown in the workshop/Bentley manuals - 
it's essentially a thick plastic disc bolted onto a metal driver 
handle you pound on with a hammer.  On both sides, it insisted on 
pushing the oil seal in cockeyed.  I tried correcting a little too 
violently with a wood block, and while that did not work, I am now 
going to need two new oil seals as I managed to smash the faces on 
both of them!

Does anyone have any tricks to getting these things in?

I am envisioning trying a tool made from piece of bar stock with a 
couple holes drilled in to match two holes on the axle tube flange, a 
couple of bolts, and a large socket.  I could pull it into place, and 
if it started going cockeyed I could rotate my tool to a better 
position and try again.

Any other idea welcomed!

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Dan Buettner  -  Des Moines, Iowa  -

1957 TR3, TS15098L 'O' - awaiting owner's time and money.

1977 Spitfire, FM64159U 'O' - in storage.

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