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TR6 Tranny Install Progress id f9HExLQ05596

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Subject: TR6 Tranny Install Progress id f9HExLQ05596
From: Pete & Aprille Chadwell <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 07:59:17 -0700
Thanks to all those who have offered insight, tips and tricks for TR6 
gearbox installation.  I'm still not done, but I think I'm close.  I 
installed two 5/16 bolts (heads removed) into the two stud holes in 
the top of the engine plate.  I'll be sure and save those studs for 
future use
 that really is a huge help both from the alignment AND 
from the weight/support viewpoints.  However, right now the input 
shaft still doesn't want to find the hole.  With the bellhousing 
supported on those studs and with only about a 2" gap between 
bellhousing and engine plate all the way around, I know I'm awfully 

I'd like to share a trick that I've developed that has really helped
I installed a 'sling' to help catch/support the bellhousing as I 
maneuvered it around trying to get it onto the guide studs.  I used a 
length of nylon rope (only about 1/4" thick) and slung it between two 
of the transmission tunnel cover bolt holes.  I used the normal bolts 
for the tunnel cover and the large, flat contoured washers that are 
used with the bolts.  I inserted the bolts into the two tunnel cover 
holes that are roughly 8 inches from the firewall.  I looped the rope 
over one side, (under the big washer) then looped it around the other 
side and then crossed back over to the other side again and pulled it 
taut.  Then I snugged the two bolts down so that the rope was held 
firmly in place.  This creates a span of rope across the large 
opening where the gearbox will sit.  With this in place I was able to 
maneuver the 'box into position without fear of it crashing to the 
floor, or when I'm underneath the car, I can rest the front of the 
'box on the span of rope while my wimpy little arms recovered from 
the trauma of bench-pressing the weight of the 'box.  (he, he!)  Of 
course, once I had the bellhousing engaged on those guide studs, the 
rope is less necessary, but it was helpful prior to that point and I 
won't remove it until everything is in place and buttoned up.

The only other thing I can say is: I'm sure as Hell glad that Triumph 
cast the gearbox casing in aluminum!  Imagine how heavy that sucker'd 
be if it was iron!!  (I realize, of course, that aluminum gearbox 
casings are quite typical)

Thanks again for all the input
 I'm still not there, but I'll be done 
shortly, I'm sure.

Pete Chadwell
1973 TR6

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