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RE: Trunnion Bolt Question id f9UNlVP09788

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Subject: RE: Trunnion Bolt Question id f9UNlVP09788
From: Pete & Aprille Chadwell <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:47:22 -0800
References: <DDFB326F6A85D511A4600002A55CC5A801C2B416@sagemsg0011.sagems>
Frank wrote:

>Are you sure you installed all the bushings and washers correctly in
>the lower wishbones? I mean the bits that are right nest to the trunnions
>of course - you did replace these didn't you? When I did my front
>suspension (about 8 months ago now) I had trouble tightening the bolt
>enough to actually see the hole through the bolt in the radial slits
>in the nut. It sounds like you have the opposite problem. It may be that
>if you haven't replaced all of the washers and bushings they're worn
>enough to give you these symptoms. Or if you have replaced them, you
>may have inadvertently left something out - there does seem to be a
>large number of things to assemble there...


Well, I definitely didn't leave anything out anyway.  I didn't 
replace these parts with new ones
 I intend on doing a more 
comprehensive rebuild of the front suspension next spring.  I love to 
take care of these kinds of things all at once, but I had a lot on my 
plate what with a gearbox rebuild, new exhaust system and making the 
necessary repairs to the chassis under the upper fulcrum pin, so I 
decided to draw the line there.  Life with only one operable car was 
just getting too damned complicated!  The rest of the suspension 
parts are not old enough or worn enough to make replacing with new 
absolutely necessary, although if I had my druthers I'd have done it 
all right now.  Oh well.

Next spring I'll replace all those trunnion parts including the bolt 
itself and then see where that leaves me.

Thanks much!

Pete Chadwell
1973 TR6

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