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Re: More about TR6 rotors and caps

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Subject: Re: More about TR6 rotors and caps
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Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 21:41:17 -0700
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>All are Intermotor caps that I purchased from BPNW.


Thought I'd mention this since you've tried about every thing else.

When I first got my car I replaced the cap and rotor with new ones because I
didn't know how old they immediately ran bad.   Someone on the
list then told me to make sure I was using a Lucas cap and rotor, so I
looked and sure enough the old ones were Lucas.  Put them back on and the
problem disappeared.   I know Lucas rotors fit tighter on the distributor
shaft (it should fit SNUG) than the other brands I have.  Stuck with Lucas
ever since...I guess they knew what they were doing with caps and rotors at

And the bushings on my distributor aren't the tightest either.  I can just
barely feel a little play but more than I like.  I got some oil impregnated
bushings from Graingers and will someday replace the old ones.......really I

And about that purple wire problem.  Theres a "junction" of sorts right
behind the drivers seat (right around the seat belt anchor) next to the
inner rocker where a couple (2-3) of purple wires come together (at least it
does on my 71 TR6).  You have to dig behind the carpet to find it and it may
show up as a lump in the wiring harness if it's wrapped with tape.  I had a
problem there once with a corroded connection.  Once I fixed it my trunk
light worked.   Worth checking the continuity back to the fuse box and also
from the "junction" to the transmission tunnel light and trunk courtesy
light.  May also want to check the purple wires to the transmission tunnel
light and trunk courtesy light to make sure they are connected or at least
not shorting out.

Bud Rolofson
71TR6 CC57365 (Good 6)
66TR4A CTC57806 (The Wreck-Almost Parts)
66TR4A CTC57529 (The Project)

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