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Mid Ohio

Subject: Mid Ohio
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:57:53 -0500
It was an absolutely wonderful event. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a 
race weekend this much. Sometimes, though, some of the neat little things 
get lost in the telling of the 'big picture':. Like...

Kas Kastner and wife Peg enjoying the celebrity status, and everyone 
enjoying them being there.

Joe Alexander gave me a priceless gift -- a Triumph bicycle, all original, 
painted the same colors as my race car. Then, he had the stroke of genius 
to have Kas sign it for me. Then, he rode it to the track and across the 
finish line and back to the paddock, where he dared me to do the same 
thing. I rode it to the track but by this time Track Security was onto us 
and threatened to confiscate it if I didn't walk it back -- they don't call 
him Teflon Joe for nothin........

If you look at the best laps turned by the fastest five TR's, they are 
incredibly close.

George Wright, crawling out from under his overturned car (broken rear 
axle) when the four corner workers couldn't lift it off.

Watching that blue and orange TR4 do a barrel roll right in front of me 
during the first practice, and watching him race the rest of the weekend.

Glen Effinger ministering to Russ Moore's Spitfire into the middle of the 

Irv Korey finally finding that pesky high speed miss was due to a faulty 
coil, after all the experts, including me, had spent countless hours trying 
to solve the problem.

Meeting so many guys from the lists who stopped by to say "Hello". What fun 
to put names to faces. What a great bunch of people. Thanks, Mark Bradakis, 
for making these lists possible and adding so much enjoyment to the hobby.

The Brits being so much fun -- they came over here, drank our booze, won 
our races, and we loved it. Not too many countries and peoples share that 

But, I've got to say, what topped off the weekend for me was a little 
incident that happened with our own car. I share driving with my son Tony, 
so there is always a little friendly rivalry. I put him into the car for 
the all-Triumph race. He did very very well but when he came into the 
paddock after the race, the badge was missing from the hood. I asked him 
where it flew off, and he said "Not to worry -- it's on the floor 
somewhere. When it flew off I just reached up and caught it." Sheesh. I 
don't think age and treachery will work much longer.....

and on and on.......

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