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Re: Going to TRF's TSP?

Subject: Re: Going to TRF's TSP?
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 10:24:32 EDT

State College might be a great setting. I have done some course work there 
and I like the ambience of the University setting. Should be plenty of 
housing and there are some wide expanses of open fields.

Paul, contact me off-line for an inquiry on rear sway bar.

Joe Alexander


> I suggest that everyone going to the Summer Party this year look around and
> think about VTR2002.
> Investigate the infrastructure of the area.
> Ask plenty of questions about the logistics of next year's extravaganza.
> This is not my original idea, but I have not yet heard it discussed in the
> open so here goes:  State College PA is an area with lots of facilities
> which are underused in early August.  It might be a good idea to have the
> VTR convention in State College the week before the Summer Party.  It is
> about 80 miles away.  After the VTR, folks could commute into the SP.  This
> could relieve the pressure on the Indiana area infrastructure.

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