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Re: Stator Tube Dimensions TR3

Subject: Re: Stator Tube Dimensions TR3
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:55:20 EDT
In a message dated 8/21/02 12:29:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
ryoung@NAVCOMTECH.COM writes:

> > It was suggested to search the archives for the dimensions of the stator
> > tube. It was suggested to use brake line tubing 3/8 inch by
> > approx. 6ft. Hard
> > to find size. The 60" is the one you need actually.  Trim off the flared
> > ends, make your notch at the top and it should work.
> However as I recall the inside diameter of the brake line is smaller than
> the original stator tube, making it correspondingly more difficult to pull
> the wires through.

I did this today...'twas a piece of cake. I.D. 5/16 on mine. Dimensions were 
the same as a previous tube I had lying around. Maybe that too was a home 
made job?

> >>Note that the length of the tube, and the size of the notch, are 
> different
> depending on whether you have the adjustable steering wheel or not.<<
> Cut off the flares on a 60"  brake line tube and you are done.. this for a 
> non adjustable wheel. Did the notch with a hack saw, pried the cut up a bit 
> and filed till it would grip the nubs on the control head. The anti-rattle 
> spring fits inside the column over the tube NP.
> >>Realey Healey supposedly has reproduction stator tubes, in the proper 
> thin
> wall tubing.  I don't know the price, but I'm sure it's a lot more than
> $5.95 <g>
> Randall<<

BTW that's $5.69 available from AutoZone  <A 
 - Get in the Zone!</A>  
(NFI) . That RH co. is about $75. FT knows exactly  <A 

TR3A 59

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