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To: "Triumphs" <>
Subject: Help
From: "Dave Connitt" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 22:41:05 -0400
Hi List,
Has anyone heard of a product called "bolt coat"? I was talking to a guy at
a local car show last Sunday who had used this product to protect bolt heads
from corrosion after they were cleaned with a wire wheel. The finish appears
to look like a brand new piece of hardware. Not too sure about the spelling
as it was a brand name and who knows how the marketing department handled
The same guy had used a POR15 exhaust manifold paint that he said had been
on his exhaust manifolds for two years and it looked great. He had used a
heat gun to help cure the manifold coating before he actually installed them
to help reduce finger prints and such.
Please contact me either on or off the list.
Dave Connitt

Dave Connitt
Cincinnati, OH
'65 TR4A
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