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RE: Phillips screwdriver

Subject: RE: Phillips screwdriver
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Another asside re: Mr. Phillips...

As I rememeber the spot on my local Public Radio station Phillips developed 
the Phillips screw to help in mass production situations. It didn't catch on 
until Ford, (I think) employed it to speed the assembly of automobiles early 
in the last century.

Greg Petrolati

>1. Because Mr. Phillips invented the Phillips screw and driver.
>2. The other is either a "straight slot" or "regular" screw driver
>3. Don't forget there is also the "PosiDrive" screw and driver, similar but
>not the same as the Phillips and definitely not interchangeable!
>To say nothing of Torx, Allen, etc. etc.
>Jim Bauder
>'58 TR3
>Scottsdale, AZ
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>Subject: Phillips screwdriver
>Does anyone know where Phillips screwdrivers got their name?  Why not
>"X cross" or "double grip" or something more descriptive of their
>design and function.  And what do you call the other ones--straight,
>normal, standard?
>Inquiring minds want to know.

Greg Petrolati Champaign, Illinois       1962 TR4 (CT4852L)

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