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VTR/Summer Party

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Subject: VTR/Summer Party
From: Dave Massey <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 19:46:39 -0400
Folks, sorry I failed to post my usual travelog this trip but it seems like
I either didn't have a spare moment or the dial-up from Indiana, PA didn't
want to work.  Besides, there's been some nice descriptive comments from
others and Ashford has posted some nice pictures (no photographer I). 
Blake has some nice AutoX pictures but he didn't photograph my heat. :-( 
(just kidding)

- TR6's lined up for a block and a half.  Backed in, not parallel parked. 
And that was just the early TR6's.  Late TR6's on the other side of the
-More TR2's than MG's  (well, almost).
-So many folks turned up that is was almost impossible to meet every one.
-All the driving events were crammed into 2 days as opposed to 3 days as is
typical of VTR events.  And with half in Armagh and half in Indiana and 15
miles between, one had to choose wisely, or you'll miss out (as I did on
the hill climb)
-Fred's party didn't last near long enough for those of us who arrive
fashionably late.  Perhaps more door prizes...
-Or beer.
-Pagers should be handed out to self-proclaimed "wrenches" to come when
beckoned to fix broken cars.
-Or better yet a big spotlight that shines a Truimph shield in the sky when
-Having Thursday open made for a day long get-acquainted session.  Looks
like we needed a two day get-acquainted session with this many people.
-I'll bet some of those ruts will still be in Charle's field next year.
-Saturday was too hectic.  Drove out to Armagh and changed am alternator on
a TR8, rushed back to Indiana to sign up for the autocross, run out and
wash the car for the show while waiting for my heat, rush back and run the
autocross, rush back to the hotel to clean up, hurry back the Philadelphia
St. for the show and concours judging, off to the Twin Pines for a little
hydraulic therapy with the wedgeheads, then, on the way back to the hotel,
help a friend diagnose a trailer wiring problem.  (not sure I helped any
but I tried) Got back to the hotel at 2:00.
-The TR8 ran fine.  Covered 1700 miles, used 1/2 pint of oil, 55 Gallons of
gas and gave me no issues.  
-I bought about $500 worth of parts - most for the TR6.  Now I'm excited.

Cheers and hope to see you guys next year.

Dave Massey
57 TR3
71 TR6 (next year?)
80 TR8 (if only the AC worked)

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